With CDC staff dashing through the streets and darting across intersections, Ditch Day 2011 was an adventure to remember! Staff from throughout the state participated in a teambuilding scavenger hunt located in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego as their annual “get off work” event. As part of the festivities teams made t-shirts, crafted necklaces from candy boxes, and came up with ridiculous team names – adding  a silly sense of flare to the event.  The competition started heating up even before the hunt began and remained strong throughout the day as groups played rock-paper-scissors, took photos with statues, and wrote snappy jingles about one of San Diego’s fabulous rooftop bar locations. Each team of 7-8 people was given several tasks to accomplish and a list of dozens of additional bonus opportunities. While some bonus opportunities were fairly straightforward and involved identifying a specific building or piece of artwork, others required team members to approach strangers and ask them to dance or play air guitar with Elvis! Smiles, laughs, and cheers were plentiful as the photos show! Ditch Day 2011 was an absolute success!  Until next year CDC employees, we’ll continue Onward!

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