Aligning with Bank to Develop New Loan Option for Entrepreneurs

May 8, 2017 | Community

Bankers Small Business CDC, an affiliate of CDC Small Business Finance, recently collaborated with Cathay Bank in developing yet another way for small businesses to gain access to money that will advance their business. Called the Smart Micro Loan program, Cathay Bank now offers a line of credit from $5,000 to $10,000 to qualifying business owners. Open to any and all kinds of businesses, the idea of the Smart Micro Loan program is to kick start those entrepreneurs that are in a state of growth.Cathay Bank Smart Micro Loan Program

Typically loans of this size are catapults for new businesses that need working capital to meet cash flow needs, marketing, or equipment.

To qualify for the loan, prospective business must have the following:

As part of our mission to open more doors for entrepreneurs to financing, we support community-minded institutions like Cathay Bank who are looking to tailor their offerings to meet small business owner needs.  Our collaboration adds more opportunities to access capital for small business owners and ultimately promotes economic vitality.

To learn more about Cathay Bank’s new Smart Micro Loan program, please read the full press release here:

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