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Arizona Businesses Are Taking Advantage of Lower Property Values

Financing for commercial properties in Arizona has almost doubled in the first 6 months of the SBA’s 2012 fiscal year compared to their year  in 2011. During this time, $39M in financing has been put back into the Arizona economy through SBA funding to small businesses.[source]

“Small businesses are taking advantage of lower property values and also capitalizing on refinancing currently owned properties,” says Lisa Alberti a loan officer with CDC Small Business Finance.

One of those people is Todd Franklin, owner of Arizona Sun Supply. Through SBA funding, Todd was able to purchase three commercial properties for his wholesale and distribution business of solar screen products. “The additional square footage we gained will give us the space we need to warehouse all of our raw materials and give us more room to grow.”, says Mr. Franklin.

Read Todd’s story [here] and  more information on the SBA in Arizona from Arizona Commercial Real Estate Magazine here.


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