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Small Business Entrepreneur Fights to Brew More Success

September 18, 2020 | PPP loan

For many office-based professionals, adjusting to the pandemic has just meant grabbing their laptop and setting up shop at home. For Rawley Macias, owner of Rouleur Brewing Company in Carlsbad, it hasn’t been that easy. “We can’t bring all these home,” Rawley said, nodding to the eight massive brewing tanks in the back of his…

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Commitment to minority-owned small businesses ensures struggling entrepreneur gets PPP loan

August 20, 2020 | PPP loan
Photo of PPP loan borrower

Rosie Torres is grateful. So grateful. Her gratitude peppers even a short conversation. Make no mistake, she is genuine in her thankfulness, especially for the chain of events that led her to getting an SBA PPP loan (Payroll Protection Program) to help keep open the doors of her modest Fresno flower shop as the COVID-19…

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