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May 26, 2011 | Small Business Loans

Business today is different than it was a year or two ago – we get that! Not only has the financial industry changed and improved – so has technology. At CDC Small Business Finance we are excited to be developing new strategies for communicating with small business decision makers and to become their trusted resource on matters around small business finance. We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, have several centuries of cumulative staff experience, and are one of the largest small business finance operations in the country! And so now… we begin to blog…

Who will blog at CDC Small Business Finance? The experts! That ranges from our massively experienced loan processors and underwriters to our team of loan officers on the streets that have the pulse on what’s happening in small business and with bank credit policies. We will also get updates from our CEO, Kurt Chilcott, and others who are meeting with politicians and lawmakers to help improve opportunities for small business owners to succeed.

What will we post? Information that is valuable for small businesses. This can range from loan programs businesses should know about; big news from the banking world; tax saving matters; tips on what a small business needs to do to get a loan; our recommended ways to approach banks and lenders to get their attention; awesome success stories to inspire us all; and more. We will listen to replies and questions – and then post based on what YOU (our audience) wants. We will also include some posts so you can see the fun we have at CDC Small Business Finance

When will we post?? Weekly or more frequent based on what’s happening and what questions our followers have. Our goal is to educate – not inundate!

Please give us your feedback, laundry list of topics you’d like covered, advice and input! Thanks!

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