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CDC wins the Top SBA-504 Lender of the Year!

February 22, 2013 | Small Business Loans

Gold Cup TrophyThis week the Santa Ana District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration honored five institutions as the most active participants in federally guaranteed small business loan programs during the 2012 fiscal year. CDC Small Business Finance won the honor of being named the Top 504 Lender of the Year by funding 176 loans for a total of $139 million to Santa Ana district businesses. Leading the efforts in generating the award-winning loan volume in the market are CDC Loan Experts Sam Tuyen and Mark Hogan.

Currently SBA lending in the Santa Ana District is up 32% year over year in dollar amount versus the rest of the country which is up 17%.  The Santa Ana District is also up 20% in number of loans compared to 6% nationwide.  This ranks the Santa Ana District Office in 4th place in dollar amount and 3rd  place in number of loans across 68 district offices nationwide. [source]

For a list of the four other winners, click here.


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