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Would you like to help Create Jobs For USA?

February 10, 2012 | Community

We all know that Subway launched the power in a five-dollar bill. Now, Starbucks has joined in on the $5 craze with the help of their caffeine loving customers and Opportunity Finance Network. In November 2011, Starbucks launched the Create Jobs for USA Fund, which supports the small-business lending sector.

For $5 you can order a Venti Non-Fat No Whip Mocha or you can donate it to Create Jobs for USA campaign. Your Abraham Lincoln adorned cash translates into $35 worth of small-business lending. That means you alone can help impact the 9.1% of the US population that is out of work. 100% of the donations will go towards creating and sustaining jobs for America. Not to mention, you get a snazzy bracelet to wear so everyone knows that you supported a good cause and are, let’s face it, down right cool.

This program is expected to raise tens of million of dollars which will result in $70 million dollars loaned and should result in about 3.300 jobs. That my friends is visibly indivisible.

Find out all you will need to know right here at CreateJobsForUSA.org

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