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Creating Value With Teamwork

September 22, 2012 | Commercial Real Estate Loans

We all want value. Value in the products we buy. Value at our job. Value in our life experiences. What I think is a bit harder is being the one to create the value in the lives of others. Giving rather than receiving.

For the past five years I have worked at CDC Small Business Finance and  can say with absolute certainty that what this company strives for is to make a difference in the lives of the small business owners that come to us looking to grow their business. Without a doubt this is important to us. It is one of our key measurements of ourselves, the staff and our goals. Will this make the difference for the business? Are we making a difference in what we are doing to help fight for the business owners to gain access to capital they need? Are we creating value?

When it came time for us to remodel our website the main goal was to make a place that did just that. Create value for small business owners that need information, for our existing borrowers that need our support, a blog that houses relevant articles, tips and inspiration and value for our lending partners that we work with every day. A one stop shop of sorts. These days all of our days are full of information and errands. How do you have time for it all? We appreciate one stop shops full of the information that we can gather quickly and efficiently.

Upon reading an article in the New York Times title Introducing: Creating Value by Josh Patrick I was struck by a sentence that said “I believe creating value is a keystone in making one’s life better. And I find that helping clients find out what will create value in their life helps me fill my personal mission of doing interesting things with interesting people.” [source]

So, here is where we need your help. What will create value in your life that we are not providing on this site? More helpful links? A tutorial on how the process works? We want to grow just like you. And the best way to do that is to ask for help.

Have an idea or suggestion? Please submit it to answers@cdcloans.com. All submissions will be reviewed, that we promise.

This week’s post by our Marketing Coordinator

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