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Deciphering Your Loan’s Lingo Just Got Easier

August 17, 2012 | Small Business Loans

Sometimes we can all get caught up in our own business’ lingo. It has evolved so we can cut to the chase when describing to our coworkers what we are currently working on or when we are describing a new idea in the work place. But, this can sometimes be a problem.

Imagine you are walking into Starbucks for the first time. You are reading the menu and seeing words like: Grande, Venti, Frappuccino, Macchiato, etc.  You are almost to the counter when you hear the barista say, “No problem sir, your grande extra hot no whip non-fat vanilla chai latte is coming right up.” Uh oh. How are you supposed to order that  large coffee with cream that you came in for? Admit it. This is a relatable scenario to imagine.

We will admit that we get caught up in our own language too at times. So, hopefully to make things a little more clear in your loan process we have created an online Business Loan Dictionary full of all of the seemingly odd terms you hear bounced around in the finance world. Our goal is to put yet another tool in your entrepreneurial pocket and to make your loan process that much more easy. You can find the Business Loan Dictionary in our Finance Resource Center. Click here to be directed to the dictionary right now.

Of course, you can always give us a call if you aren’t familiar with something related to your SBA loan. We are always happy to answer your questions or walk you through your loan process.

Now, where did I put that latte?

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