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How this small business got ‘almost instant’ approval for online loan with fair, clear terms

December 1, 2017 | Uncategorized
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The following is a guest post from Mirador, an innovative partner that powers CDC Small Business Finance’s online loan application. In this post, CDC borrower Margarita Duran shares her experience using the platform to easily take out a $75,000 FastFund loan to grow her bookkeeping business. The blog has been edited for clarity and length.

When CDC Small Business Finance launched its white-labeled Mirador solution, creating a seamless, efficient and easy-to-use borrower application was the lender’s top priority. We are proud of the work we do to support the lenders on our platform and how we are able to support small business borrowers in their loan experience.

Margarita Duran, founder and owner of Emmy Dee’s Quickbooks Solutions, applied for a loan with CDC. The business grew from a passion for finance and organization. After finding success in the financial services and banking arena, Duran pursued her passion for numbers and business through her own endeavor, which became Emmy Dee’s QuickBooks Solutions.

By helping her clients maneuver through tax preparation, payroll, or even simple business processes, she gains satisfaction knowing she was able to use her talents to help her clients and friends. Duran is an accounting professional with an A.A.S. degree in Accounting, Certified Bookkeeper and Enrolled Agent with corporate, small-business and startup experience. Emmy Dee’s Quickbooks Solutions specializes in full-charge bookkeeping for various industries.

CDC interviewed Duran about her experience with Mirador’s online application to obtain a FastFund loan.

Q: How would you describe your experience with the online application?

A: It was very simple and easy to comprehend.

Q: Do you have any advice to other small business owners about why you chose CDC and FastFund?

A: I chose CDC because the website was very easy to comprehend and work with. Other similar businesses gave too much information and an inquiry had to be made as the first step in the process. They also have paper (PDF) applications that were not pleasing to the eye. FastFund was a good testing option for my firm so that I could tell other clients about it. I’ve already referred two clients to CDC to give FastFund a try. FastFund was very fast and regular. SBA loans take a lot of time and attention and a lot of paperwork is required.

Q: What are your goals for the capital and your vision for your company?

A: My goals are to use the capital to grow the firm by doing a bit of advertising and get better qualified employees to work for us. We work with many high net-worth clients as well as clients that need consulting to begin and grow their own businesses. In order to provide good service and be a good resource for them and their contacts, we need quality employees.

Q: How was your experience working with the FastFund team to get your loan pre-qualified, approved and funded?

A: My experience was amazing. The team did an outstanding job. The pre-qualification process was easy as pie, the approval was almost instant and funding was a breeze.

Q: What was your favorite part of working with CDC Small Business Finance?

A: My favorite part is that I already have contacts at CDC that I can reach out to when referring business to them.  They’ve been a great resource.

CDC Small Business Finance offers several loan options including FastFund for business owners who want to grow their operations. Tell our loan experts about your needs and they’ll work to match you with a financing plan that best suits you.

Let’s talk! Reach us at loaninfo@cdcloans.com  or (619) 243-8667.

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