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Ganging Up to Help Small Business

February 27, 2012 | Community

Most of us have heard of Flash Mobs, those public displays of planned spontaneity that feature people breaking out in song or dance in shopping malls.  Now the concept has spread to small businesses in the form of Cash Mobs.  And anyone can join the crowd!

Cash Mobs have spread like wildfire in recent months to 48 states and Canada, all in support of small businesses.  Here’s how they work:  a menagerie of people who want to do good in their communities rendezvous en masse at a particular small business negatively affected by the down economy.  All participants come “armed” with $20 and a commitment to spend it in support of that business. The business location is kept secret and only revealed via social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) on the day of the cash mob.

Small businesses have long been the backbone of the American economy.  Cash mobs are a fun, unique way of supporting them and “paying it forward.” National Cash Mob Day is scheduled for March 24th and there are some warm-up mobs forming already.

If you want to read about a cash mob, click here.  To discover cash mobs that may be forming in your community click here.


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