Have you considered refinancing your small business debt to save money?

Do you own a small business and have commercial mortgage debt? If yes, do you want to lower your monthly payments, boost your cash flow and grow your business?

All of this is possible with a new refinance program launched by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and CDC Small Business Finance specifically to help businesses like yours.

Small business owners feeling the pressure of commercial mortgage debt and facing the possibility of rising interest rates can take advantage of this new opportunity to boost their cash flow.

Refi Pie Chart

Refinance your existing commercial debt with CDC Small Business Finance to take advantage of low, fixed interest rates and long terms. Unlike a bank, we are a not-for-profit lender dedicated to helping small businesses grow and thrive. For this program we partner with banks to jointly offer 90% refinancing. If you are a small company, refinance approval with this opportunity can be easier to obtain than through conventional lending.

“The SBA-504 refinance program came at the right time,” said Walt Carbonell of US Technical Ceramics. “We were facing a significant balloon payment with our old loan. The refi offered a fixed rate over 20 years. It gave us more financial flexibility and allowed us to allocate more dollars to initiatives that helped the company grow and create new jobs.”

CDC Small Business Finance will work with you from start to finish – through navigating refinancing terms, securing approval and finalizing your loan – to ensure you receive the best financing for your needs.

We are the #1 SBA Lender in the nation, and over the past 38 years, we have helped to create over 170,000 jobs by leveraging more than $12 billion in loans to over 10,000 small businesses. Give us a call, we’re looking forward to helping you make smart decisions for your business. Find your local CDC Loan Expert here or send us an email at

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