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Hotels Use SBA 504 Loans To Accelerate Growth

July 8, 2014 | Small Business Loans

Financing for hotels via SBA loan programs was up in 2014 from the prior year. As the hospitality industry shows positive signs of growth, more hotel owners are seeking loans to purchase, renovate and build hotel properties.


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“The demand for high-tech capabilities in hotels is rising and our renovations would have been very difficult without SBA 504 financing, said La Quinta owner Rupesh Patel, who has built, owned and operated hotels for over 35 years. “La Quinta provides a top-quality experience and will continue to compete with higher-scale motels, thanks to the SBA 504 loan. It makes buying a commercial building achievable.”

La Quinta Inn San Jose, CA SBA 504 Recipient    News icon SBA hotel financing

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2 responses to “Hotels Use SBA 504 Loans To Accelerate Growth”

  1. John Maldonado says:

    I have a client who owns an existing Hotel. The business has been in the family for aoout 35 years. The hotel is about 150 room occupancy and has been approved by the hotel franchise. The property and hotel are owned by the family with no debt. They have about 1.8M – 2.0M in equity in the land and property. They have an excellent business plan (Lodgin Feasibility Study) and pro Forma. The estimate project is approximately $8M USD

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