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Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Amy Lisewski, owner of Finest City Improv

Amy Lisewski wasn’t the typical person you find at an improvisation comedy class.  She was analytical, worrisome and craved control.  But the Hollywood class turned out to be a fork in her career road.

Armed with a degree in Library and Information Science, Amy worked with organizations to improve their information management and information research methods. Doesn’t sound too funny, does it?

“I was very good at my job,” said Amy. “I had an analytical brain.  I was a perfectionist.  I hated making a mistake.  The degree and career I had made perfect sense.”

”Then the Hollywood improv class jolted her out of her comfort zone and fate intervened with a life lesson.  She boiled it down to three things:  be present, listen and say “yes.”  This 3-ingredient mantra, practiced daily, made the perfect recipe for Amy to start her own business.  Finest City Improv was soon born. Finest City Improv recently partnered with CDC Small Business Finance to harness the power of SBA’s Community Advantage loan program, considered an excellent catalyst for someone with a great idea.  These loans provide $50,000 up to $250,000 in working capital to help entrepreneurs kick-start a small business.

Since the business’ launch, Finest City Improv has been on a roll.  Improv shows are staged every Thursday through Sunday, over 70 students are enrolled in classes and well-known corporate clients include GoPro, Kaiser, Seer Interactive and The Komen Foundation.

“I sometimes look back and think about the person I was before improv changed my life,” said Amy.  I’m still an analytical thinker, a perfectionist and inquisitive, but I’m thankful every day I decided to say “yes” to something outside my comfort zone.”

Source: http://stilettosontheglassceiling.com/2014/07/show-them-your-fear-by-being-fearless-by-amy-lisewski.html

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