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SBA 504 Rate Pricing & Funding Dates

All SBA 504 debenture pricing in 2017 will occur on the Thursday of the first full week of the month, provided the week that begins & includes a Sunday.

All debenture fundings in 2017 will occur on the Wednesday after the second Sunday of the month. The Pricing Date (when estimated effective rates are released) is the first Thursday of first full week of month. The Funding Date is the Wednesday of the week following Pricing Date.

2017 SBA 504 Pricing Dates2017 SBA 504 Funding Dates
January 5thJanuary 11th**
February 9thFebruary 15th
March 9thMarch 15th**
April 6thApril 12th
May 11thMay 17th**
June 8thJune 14th
July 6thJuly 12th**
August 10thAugust 16th
September 7thSeptember 13th**
October 5thOctober 11th
November 9thNovember 15th**
December 7thDecember 13th

{source: SBA Information Notice}

**These dates include the sale of both the 10-year and 20-year debentures

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