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National Entrepreneurs Day is Nov. 22nd

November 18, 2013 | Small Business Loans

entrepreneur-001Own a small business?  Work for a place that helps them?  Know someone that works for one? Chances are you said yes. Small businesses are the fabric of our economy. They are woven together throughout Main Streets across the nation, providing service and jobs to your local neighborhood.

So who’s behind these small businesses?  Entrepreneurs, of course. Entrepreneurs have taken the LEAP on an idea. They bring you that special pastry you can’t get anywhere else or know your name when you bring your car in for an oil change.  Entrepreneurs hire your children at their restaurant when they turn 16.

WE LOVE ENTREPRENEURS! Seriously, we do!

That’s why we are celebrating with the nation onNational Entrepreneur’s Day Nov. 22.  This is the third year running for this national day of appreciation for that small business breed known for their hard work, ingenuity and sacrifice.  Before 2010 entrepreneurs received no special public recognition for the risks they take and the hours they invest to make our economy strong.

Join in and support your local entrepreneurs today, this week…. heck…why stop? Take Action!  Make a difference for them like they make a difference for you and your community.

Entrepreneurs can change the world. Check out this cool video to prove it:


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