Shop SmallRight on the coattails of National Entrepreneurs Day (Nov. 22) is Small Business Saturday, Nov. 30. The motto for Small Business Saturday is to “Shop Small.” This doesn’t mean to find and buy the tiniest item at Walmart or Best Buy. No, it means we should all visit our local neighborhood stores when shopping for our loved ones this holiday season.

Why? Because shopping small will have a DIRECT IMPACT on the local economy. Most importantly, the money you spend near your home stays near your home. By stimulating local businesses you’re helping them stay competitive with big brands, keep their doors open and employ local people.

This is the third annual Small Business Saturday. Last year those of you who shopped small spent $5.5 billion at local small businesses!  So, don’t think your trinket from the corner shop isn’t making an impact.  With a concerted effort to buy local we can exceed $5.5 billion in 2013!

Join with CDC Small Business Finance Nov. 30 to shop small, shop locally and make a difference.

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