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She’s Successful Thanks To A Pink Slip

December 20, 2012 | Success Story

Pink Slip Inspiration Burlap StockingsAccording to her Etsy shop, Pink Slip Inspiration opened on August 20th, 2012. Fast forward to the present Christmas season and over $65,000 in products sold, you will see how Jillian Ellis is the epitome of the word perseverance. A once high school English teacher and receiver of not one but two pink slips (which are not actually pink, she says), Jillian has proven that a little skill and creativity can move financial mountains.

“During a time of little productivity on the job front, I was fulfilling my need to once again see progress and change in my life and those around me through handmade goods,” says Jillian. ” Then one bright August morning I decided to take my income in to my own hands and began selling my handmade goods on craigslist and various other outlets, but wanted something more… cue Etsy and it’s fabulous outlet for individuals like me and my new shop Pink Slip Inspiration.”

Diligently working away in a converted extra room out of her parent’s home, Ms. Ellis is a shining star in the snowstorm of our mending economy. “I feel a connection to people once again. If you can dream it, I can make it. I am constantly reinventing myself each day and finding new items that inspire me.” Congratulations Jillian! Your empowerment is not lost on us!

Click here to watch a short clip of Jillian explaining what sets Pink Slip Inspiration apart from the Christmas stocking pack. You can also visit Jillian’s Etsy store by clicking here. For the full story on Jillian in the Union Tribune please follow this link.

This week’s blog post was brought to our attention by one of our servicing agents who happens to be a personal friend of Ms. Ellis. 

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