Small Businesses: Go Green, Access Millions

November 13, 2014 | Commercial Real Estate Loans

Icons-GreenSmall business owners looking to expand their operations, but frustrated getting a loan can now access upwards of $20 million in capital by going green.

CDC Small Business Finance, the nation’s leading provider of SBA-504 loans, is helping small business owners use SBA Green Energy financing to purchase their own commercial/industrial building or buy large equipment.

Small businesses can qualify for a new Green Energy 504 loan by demonstrating they will reduce their energy consumption by at least 10 percent by installing more efficient lighting, heating and air conditioning systems or improved insulation. They can also qualify by producing renewable energy from sources such as solar, wind, biomass, hydropower or geothermal.

“The Green Energy 504 loan creates new opportunity for small business owners who want to buy their own building and build equity,” said Kurt Chilcott, president of CDC Small Business Finance.

Business owners often come to the crossroads of whether they should buy a facility or continue to lease. An SBA-504 loan makes purchasing attractive because the cash down payment required by the owner is typically 10 percent – far less than commercial loans. In addition, there are long-term tax and equity benefits.

Most 504-financed purchases are for office, retail or industrial buildings. SBA-504 fixed-rate loans finance 40 percent of the total purchase, a bank or other lender provides 50 percent and the business owner contributes a 10-percent down payment.

Small business owners can get more information about an SBA Green Energy loan by clicking on Green Energy Loan. They can find out if they qualify by calling CDC Small Business Finance at 800.611.5170 or by using CDC’s Prequalify Today tool. They can also visit or find CDC on Twitter @CDC_Loans and LinkedIn.

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