Success Stories

Hear how small business owners like yourself were able to reach their growth goals through SBA financing!

  • Stone Brewing

    “The great thing about the 504 loan was that it made financing available to us that wasn’t available to us elsewhere.”

  • NuYo Yogurt

    “We were really grateful when we found out we were getting the Community Advantage Loan. I think the future for us is open! This is our foundation.”

  • Rusty Surfboards

    “One of the other things that appealed to me was the turning rent into equity and over time hopefully if things went well for business, owning a building. And its worked out and we are real close to paying off the loan.”

  • Pendleton Eye Center

    “It gave us an opportunity to expand. If it wasn’t for that loan we wouldn’t have gotten our project done.”

  • Culinary Concepts

    “My experience working with CDC was very supportive. If I have questions they’re there to answer them. They helped quite a bit with the paperwork, which is what you hear people most afraid of. It was simple.”

  • Magic Laundry Services

    “With the 504 [loan], it gives us the flexibility to put 10% down, get a better interest rate, and have more cash flow to turn around and pay for those operating costs. So the 504 was just a much better program.”

  • All-Safe Pool Safety Products

    “We came across the 504 program and the great thing about that is you don’t have to have nearly as big of a down payment. And because its backed by the SBA, the qualifications are easier. You don’t have to have as long of a history of good financials. The 504 allowed us to get into a building at a time when we couldn’t have otherwise.”

  • Steico Industries

    “Steico being a younger company and not having large amounts of cash reserves, the lower amount down that was required made it easier for us to acquire larger pieces of equipment and real estate. It was a more flexible loan return payments compared to a conventional loan. It made the whole process work for us, where we couldn’t have done it through a typical banking relationship without the SBA 504 program.”