“The SBA-504 refinance program came at the right time,” said Walt Carbonell of US Technical Ceramics. Walt is one of many SBA loan borrowers that are taking advantage of the SBA’s limited time offer for refinance on their commercial property.  “We were facing a significant balloon payment with our old loan. The refi offered a fixed rate over 20 years. It gives us more financial flexibility and allows us to allocate more dollars to initiative that will help the company grow and create new jobs.”

This special program will end September 27, 2012 so it is recommended that the application process start no later than July 2012 to ensure ample time for processing. For more information and eligibility, call us at 800.611.5170. More information can be found on our website or at the SBA’s website here

The Gilroy Dispatch has the full story of Walt Carbonell’s Refinance success.


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