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Yiftee is a Nifty Way to Support Local Businesses

January 18, 2013 | Uncategorized

YifteeThe power of technology now brings the movement of shopping locally to your fingertips. A Menlo Park social giving company, Yiftee, has developed a way to direct customer traffic to local businesses through an app on your iPhone.

Need a gift for a friend? Here is how it works: Download the Yiftee app and begin searching through local stores to find your gift. The typical price is $20 or less. Purchase the gift and tell Yiftee who the present is for. Yiftee will then notify the recipient either by way of Facebook, email or text that they received a gift from you and the details on the local shop where they can pick their gift up. The recipient then has 4 weeks to pick up their new item from the local store of purchase. To leave with the item they only have to give the cashier the prepaid Mastercard information that came with your gift. Voila! So what happens after 4 weeks and my recipient never picked up their gift? Yiftee will refund your money to you or you can choose to donate the money to charity.

“Some things in life deserve more than a poke or a post. Give your friend a (real) cupcake on her birthday. Say thank you with a (real) latte. Yiftee is about Microgifts – a simple concept integrating merchants, social and mobile where everyone wins,” says Yitzee.

Yiftee is not only making apps. This past Thanksgiving they created a donation system similar to the one for small businesses where you could purchase a turkey dinner, warm blankets, toys or building materials for a family in need. You could choose to give $10, $20 or $30 (enough to feed a family of 3) and Yiftee made sure the goods were delivered. Mirroring their incredible efforts, Yiftee has set up a donation system for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Now, that is making a difference!

Find out more from Yiftee’s Facebook Page here or visit their website and learn how you can give your gifts locally.

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