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Congratulations to our 2020 Arthur H. Goodman Scholarship Recipients!

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August 27, 2021

Every year, CDC Small Business Finance selects deserving individuals to receive scholarships from the Arthur H. Goodman Scholarship Endowment Fund. This fund provides financial assistance to dynamic, community-minded women and minority students transitioning from a community college to a four-year college or university in California or Arizona. 

In 1997, we launched the scholarship to pay tribute to our founder, Arthur H. Goodman. He was a passionate leader and cared deeply about finding ways to help as many people as possible. “Art was a fierce advocate for providing opportunities for women and people of color and that is reflected in the mission of who receives the scholarships,” said Robert Villarreal, Chief External Affairs Officer of CDC Small Business Finance and Capital Impact Partners.


We want to congratulate our 2020 recipients of the Arthur H. Goodman Scholarship: 

Chelsie Martinez – Santa Clara University
Jaynelle Granados – USC
Leighton Ledesma – CSU Channel Islands
Tiffany Nguyen – UCLA
Yadira Zapien – UCLA


Take a moment to hear directly from the recipients and learn how the scholarship helped them advance their education and open doors for them!


Chelsie Martinez – Santa Clara University

“I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who saw my application and decided to choose me as one of the students to represent this scholarship. I am truly honored for this opportunity because this scholarship has changed my life in many different ways. It is extremely hard as a first-generation college student to pursue a career and financially be stable. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to focus on my academics and not worry about where I can receive financial funds to pay the next school payment. Since I didn’t have to seek for more financial funds, I was able to volunteer within my university to help gain experience for my future career in law. When I received this scholarship, I was thrilled and humbled with this opportunity. Receiving this scholarship gave me hope, knowing that I can be capable of achieving my goals with this help because people like Arthur Goodman care about the future and student success.”


Jaynelle Granados – USC

“Receiving the Arthur Goodman Scholarship was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. This scholarship helped pay for the remainder of my school tuition, a hefty price at a private university in California. I was allowed to focus on my studies this school year without the worry and anxiety of being able to afford to stay in school the following semester. This was especially important and helpful as I was juggling transfering to a new school fully online in the midst of a global pandemic on top of other family health issues. The Arthur Goodman Scholarship has positively impacted my ability to stay in higher education and I am very grateful for that.”

Watch a slideshow of our 2020 scholarship recipients:

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Leighton Ledesma – CSU Channel Islands

“The summer of 2019 was a big transition in my life that brought solitude like a 2020 precursor to being pushed inside, given a book, and cut off from all forms of physical contact. I strived to stay off the streets after being kicked to the curve by my rental home of 5 years, with no late payments. My apartment complex refused to renew my lease due to issues brought on by my own struggles with PTSD. The very same 

condition that cost me 2 jobs, relocated me countless times and broken many relationships has became my passion for study as I entered CSUCI. To live in the high cost of living area I had to apply for scholarships and had a great opportunity to apply for the Arthur Goodman Scholarship. However, to save money for a vehicle I did not get another home or apartment leasing agreement. Instead, I elected to live in a house where I was storing my things but had no access to bathroom facilities there, so I used the gym on campus to wash up.

The Arthur Goodman Scholarship became key to helping pay for school while having to move a few times before the quarantine shut down the nation. Even during the lockdown, I moved a third time to the desert area to budget the new vehicle I got and to save up for Grad school. Though 2020 was a struggle for everyone it helped me grow and prosper to where I am now. I have nothing but appreciation for the opportunity given to me by the Arthur Goodman Scholarship. It is a big reason why I was able to average a 3.8 GPA at CSUCI, graduate with honors, and was able to be a part of an opportunity to do neural research. This research is on psilocybin, a component in magic mushrooms, effect on the nervous system utilizing a Caenorhabditis elegans as a model system. This is important because psilocybin has been recently shown to have therapeutic effects on those suffering from PTSD when treated with micro doses. I am on the pathway I need to be in order to continue being the Doc I was in the military when I was saving and helping lives of Marines and Sailors alike.”


Tiffany Nguyen – UCLA

“I am so grateful as a recipient of the Arthur Goodman Scholarship. This scholarship helped alleviate many financial burdens, giving me more time to focus on my education and career. There were many financial barriers preventing me from investing my time into higher education, especially as a First-Gen and low income student. Due to the support of this scholarship, I am able to focus on my pursuit of higher education. I aim to graduate UCLA in 2022 as a double major in Sociology and Public Affairs, then pursuing law school!”


Yadira Romero Zapien – UCLA

“I am beyond blessed to have received the Arthur H. Goodman Scholarship. Holistically, this scholarship has changed my life. Often, I felt as though my accomplishments were not worthy, a constant psychological battle of belittling and faith. Regardless of the obstacles I have faced, I always held hope. This hope has motivated me to push and find alternatives which assisted me to acquire the scholarship. In a 

life filled with constant worry and hardships, this scholarship allowed me to continue my journey to higher education and created the path I am currently paving. I gained more confidence in my goals and self. This scholarship is more than funds, it is the turning point of neglected worthy students that lack financial capital to realize their dreams and services to society.

When I was notified that I received the scholarship, I could not stop smiling. I was completely baffled and enthralled, my aspirations were recognized. The education I have gained and will continue to gain at UCLA will contribute to the wellbeing of future adolescents. I aspire to be a psychology professor and adolescent psychologist. In the future, I plan to continue my education and attend graduate school to obtain a Ph.D. in counseling psychology. Mental health is extremely important, it governs behavior and self-concept which often dictates the roads we decide to take. I aspire to help the next generation fight the silent battle and the Arthur H. Goodman Scholarship began my journey to get there.”


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