Current Borrowers

Executive Team

Ellis Carr Go to Ellis Carr's LinkedIn profile

Ellis Carr

President and Chief Executive Officer, Momentus Capital, CDC Small Business Finance + Capital Impact Partners

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Kim Dorsett Go to Kim Dorsett's LinkedIn profile

Kim Dorsett

Chief Human Resources Officer, CDC Small Business Finance + Capital Impact Partners

Meet KimKim Dorsett - CDC Small Business Loans

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Karla Gill Go to Karla Gill's LinkedIn profile

Karla Gill

Chief Technology Officer, CDC Small Business Finance + Capital Impact Partners

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Natalie Nickens Gunn Go to Natalie Nickens Gunn's LinkedIn profile

Natalie Nickens Gunn

Chief Financial Officer, CDC Small Business Finance + Capital Impact Partners

Meet NatalieNatalie Nickens Gunn - CDC Small Business Loans

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Brian McEvoy Go to Brian McEvoy's LinkedIn profile

Brian McEvoy

General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Corporate Secretary, CDC Small Business Finance + Capital Impact Partners

Meet BrianBrian McEvoy - CDC Small Business Loans

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Matt Wehland Go to Matt Wehland's LinkedIn profile

Matt Wehland

Chief Operations Officer, CDC Small Business Finance + Capital Impact Partners

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Management Team

Jason Anderson Go to Jason Anderson's LinkedIn profile

Jason Anderson

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications, and Brand

Tony Barengo Go to Tony Barengo's LinkedIn profile

Tony Barengo

Senior Vice President, SBA 504 Loan Program

Tom Brune Go to Tom Brune's LinkedIn profile

Tom Brune

President, Ventures Lending Technologies

Mindy Christensen Go to Mindy Christensen's LinkedIn profile

Mindy Christensen

Senior Vice President, Community Development Lending

Lauren Counts Go to Lauren Counts's LinkedIn profile

Lauren Counts

Head of National Programs

Shelli Hayman Go to Shelli Hayman's LinkedIn profile

Shelli Hayman

Senior Vice President, Small Business Lending, CDC Small Business Finance

Jaret Ings Go to Jaret Ings's LinkedIn profile

Jaret Ings

Senior Director of Finance and Treasurer

Yrenilsa Lopez Go to Yrenilsa Lopez's LinkedIn profile

Yrenilsa Lopez

Managing Director of Investments

Masouda Omar Go to Masouda Omar's LinkedIn profile

Masouda Omar

Head of Small Business & Community Development Credit

Byron K. Reed Go to Byron K. Reed's LinkedIn profile

Byron K. Reed

Senior Vice President of Business Advising

Board of Directors

Oswaldo Acosta Go to Oswaldo Acosta's LinkedIn profile

Oswaldo Acosta

President and CEO, CityFirst Enterprises

Rick Benito Go to Rick Benito's LinkedIn profile

Rick Benito

Senior Vice President (Retired), National SBA Lending, Bank of America

Alaina C. Beverly Go to Alaina C. Beverly's LinkedIn profile

Alaina C. Beverly

Assistant Vice President, Urban Affairs, Office of Federal Relations at the University of Chicago

Erik Caldwell Go to Erik Caldwell's LinkedIn profile

Erik Caldwell

Director of Data Strategy, The Atlas for Cities

Sheryl Cameron Go to Sheryl Cameron's LinkedIn profile

Sheryl Cameron

Executive Director, SBA Solutions, JPMorgan Chase

Kurt Chilcott Go to Kurt Chilcott's LinkedIn profile

Kurt Chilcott

Board Vice-Chair

President + CEO Emeritus, CDC Small Business Finance

Grace Chionuma Go to Grace Chionuma's LinkedIn profile

Grace Chionuma

Managing Director, Fixed Income Division, Public Finance Banking, Morgan Stanley

Gary Cunningham Go to Gary Cunningham's LinkedIn profile

Gary Cunningham

Board Chair

Former President and CEO, Prosperity Now

Jennifer Smith Dolin Go to Jennifer Smith Dolin's LinkedIn profile

Jennifer Smith Dolin

Principal of JenDolin Consulting

Casey P. Fannon Go to Casey P. Fannon's LinkedIn profile

Casey P. Fannon

President & Chief Executive Officer, The National Cooperative Bank, N.A.

Pedro I. Goitia Go to Pedro I. Goitia's LinkedIn profile

Pedro I. Goitia

Partner (Retired), KPMG

Gail Markulin Go to Gail Markulin's LinkedIn profile

Gail Markulin

Director (Retired), Capital Markets, Federal Home Loan Bank – Office of Finance

Tyler Orion Go to Tyler Orion's LinkedIn profile

Tyler Orion

Co-Founder and Officer, Precision Healthcare Ecosystem

Frank Robinson Go to Frank Robinson's LinkedIn profile

Frank Robinson

Diverse Markets Executive and Community-Based Programs Manager, U.S. Bank

Thomas Topuzes Go to Thomas Topuzes's LinkedIn profile

Thomas Topuzes

President and CEO, Thomas Topuzes and Associates

Dan Varner Go to Dan Varner's LinkedIn profile

Dan Varner

Chief Executive Officer, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit