Making a difference

One job... One small business... One community at a time


Since 1978, CDC achievements include:


Loans to small businesses

Over 12,000+
   Loans to small businesses

Jobs preserved/created

         Jobs preserved/created.

Provided in capital to small business owners

Over $$20.8 billion
small business owners access to capital


Our Mission

As a leader in the community and economic development field, CDC Small Business Finance provides access to transformative products, services, and advocacy to ensure ALL small businesses have the opportunity to succeed and grow.


Our Values: Integrity. Teamwork. Commitment. Making A Difference.

You’re at the front door of CDC Small Business Finance, a nonprofit with a passion for helping Main St. small businesses grow and create jobs. We offer a variety of low-interest financing that fit the needs of small businesses no matter where they are in the growth cycle. Start-ups to seasoned companies and every small business in between can benefit from our financing programs.  Over four decades, the organization has helped over 12,000 small business owners access $20.8 billion in financing. 

Integrity, professionalism and honesty define how we do business and what we want to be known for. Our relationships are built on integrity. We do what we say we will do and we take responsibility for our actions. Our integrity generates trust and loyalty from our lending and community partners, small businesses and with each other. We trust people to do their job, have faith in their ability and recognize them for their work.  This is integrity.

Teamwork defines how we operate. We work as a team to get the job done- we have each other’s back.  We understand the interdependence of what we each do realizing we are only a part of the process to meet our mission of economic development. Our lenders and customers see us as a critical part of their team dedicated to their success. This is teamwork.

We are committed to getting the job done right the first time, to completing the challenging project and we are all committed to having a flexible, respectful and FUN place to work. We go the extra mile for the customer and for each other. We are committed to high performance, outstanding service and to being a leader in our industry and community. Our commitment comes from the dedication and passion we put into our work and from the pride we feel from our many accomplishments. This is commitment.

Making a Difference
Every day we want to make a difference in someone’s life – a small business, a lender, a student, a co-worker, a vendor.  This is the essence of what we do, how we do and why we exist. Whether on an individual or CDC basis, in the end we want people to say – they made a difference.