power of black businesses infographic image

The Power of Black-Owned Businesses

August 6, 2021

African American entrepreneurs are an inspiring, powerful, and impactful contributor to our communities and economy.  Black-owned businesses represent an impressive force with increasing economic clout and promise. When we give this group a closer look, what we also see is enormous untapped potential. At CDC Small Business Finance, we are committed to helping Black business owners get access to affordable and responsible financing so they can truly shine.

The pandemic’s disproportionate impact on Black-owned businesses has been devastating.  It has the potential to derail their significant growth and valued contribution to our economy. As we move forward, support of Black businesses is critical.  It will make a big difference on many levels from local neighborhoods to our society as a whole.

Take a moment to learn more about the power of Black-owned businesses with CDC Small Business Finance’s infographic below:


the power of black owned businesses infographic


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