Submit Insurance Changes / Renewals

CDC must at all times have a current copy of your hazard insurance on the building and/or business personal property such as equipment.  We use the services of Insurance Tracking Service (ITS) to periodically contact you or your agent and request proof of insurance.  At that time, we also ask that your insurance agent include the following information on the proof-of-insurance certificate:

  • The following verbiage must appear on the ACORD: “Full Replacement Cost” and “10-day writen notice of cancelation”
  • Borrower’s name, loan number, property address, policy number and expiration date.
  • CDC and SBA named as 2nd Mortgagee and/or Loss Payee as follows:

2nd Mortgagee and Loss Payee
SBA/CDC Small Business Finance
2448 Historic Decatur Rd., Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92106

Please send proof of insurance to ITS:

Email: Fax: 562.435.2999


If you have any additional questions please contact Christy Devenport at