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Immigrant Heritage Month: A Journey Through History and Celebration

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June 20, 2024

CDC Small Business Finance, part of the Momentus Capital branded family of organizations, celebrates the vibrant mosaic of Immigrant Heritage Month as it unfurls a captivating narrative of resilience, diversity, and unity. Since its inception, this annual celebration has served as a poignant tribute to the profound impact of immigrants and their descendants on the cultural landscape of American society.

This observance underscores the power of diversity, highlighting the unique experiences and traditions immigrants bring to America. It serves as a reminder of the lasting contributions by generations of immigrants, enriching the social fabric with their perspectives. This celebration fosters a sense of belonging and mutual respect, transcending backgrounds and immigration status.

Honoring Stories, Empowering Voices

While June is officially recognized as Immigrant Heritage month, the entire year is filled with narratives of grit and determination, highlighting the journeys of entrepreneurs, scholars, artists, and innovators whose achievements underscore the vast potential of immigrant communities. From small victories to significant milestones, every story shared serves as a source of inspiration, demonstrating the strength and resilience integral to the immigrant experience.

Here are a few of the stories in which CDC Small Business Finance, played a part in recent years.

A smiling Joel Sedeño poses in front of the SBDC lobby, representing small business support.

Joel Sedeño Empowers San Diego Small Businesses

Discover how Joel Sedeño, a passionate advocate for business and finance, is empowering small businesses in San Diego. As a key figure at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Joel’s work exemplifies his commitment to providing financial guidance, access to capital, and strategic business expansion support to underrepresented communities. His efforts highlight the transformative power of entrepreneurship and community engagement. Through his partnerships with organizations like CDC Small Business Finance and his dedication to enhancing financial literacy, Joel is championing small businesses and bridging the gap for sustainable growth and success in the entrepreneurial landscape.

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Lola's Cuban takeout is expanding along with their new standalone restaurant thanks to an SBA Community Advantage Loan from CDC Small Business Finance

Small Business Expands with Cuban Flavors and SBA Community Advantage Loan

Meet Liliam and Miquelin, a visionary couple from Cuba who turned their passion for authentic Cuban cuisine into the thriving venture of Lola’s Cuban Food Restaurant and Bar in Fort Worth, Texas. Starting with a food truck and fueled by a commitment to reviving the flavors of Cuba, they navigated challenges, seized opportunities like the SBA Community Advantage loan, and ultimately realized their dream of a standalone restaurant offering a vibrant dining experience complete with live music and a full bar. Their story epitomizes perseverance, innovation, and the resilience of immigrant entrepreneurs making their mark in the culinary landscape.

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Latino small business owner stands in his auto repair shop after obtaining an SBA 504 commercial real estate loan in Santa Ana California.

SBA 504 Loan Helps Fuel Auto Collision Empire

Dive into the inspirational journey of Jorge Rico, the son of immigrants who turned his dreams into reality by founding Auto Collision Group (ACG) in 2017. Overcoming financial hurdles, Jorge’s commitment to specialized training and business growth led to the establishment of 10 successful locations across California. With the support of the SBA 504 loan program and strategic partnerships, Jorge achieved his dream of purchasing commercial property, exemplifying the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit present in immigrant communities.

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man standing in front of a white Clean Initiative van

Explore the remarkable journey of Pablo Quintero, a Hispanic entrepreneur who defied the odds by leveraging a unique loan to purchase a building for his expanding small business, Clean Initiative. Pablo’s story exemplifies resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of the American dream, showcasing the transformative power of entrepreneurship in immigrant communities. His success serves as a beacon of inspiration for others looking to overcome financial barriers and achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations.

The Journey to Open a Michelin-Star Sushi Restaurant

In “The Journey to Open a Michelin-Star Sushi Restaurant,” viewers are taken on a captivating adventure that showcases the dedication and hard work of individuals striving for culinary excellence in the competitive restaurant industry. From leaving prestigious positions to pursue new ventures to mastering traditional techniques alongside modern technology, this video highlights the challenges and triumphs faced by those pursuing their passion for sushi at the highest level. It’s a tale of determination, innovation, and the pursuit of gastronomic perfection in the vibrant world of sushi cuisine.

Looking Towards the Horizon

As the years go by, Immigrant Heritage Month continues to grow, evolving to reflect the dynamic landscape of migration, diversity, and inclusion. It stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of individuals who strive to innovate and contribute their talents, regardless of their origins.