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Are you a Banker, Real Estate Broker or Business Counselor looking to refer a client who needs financing? As the leading Certified Development Company (CDC) in the nation, we know SBA 504 and Small Business lending backwards and forwards. With your client as our top priority, we help them navigate the process, get approved easier, and fund on time. From pre-qualification through loan closing, we are dedicated to meeting the needs and goals of you and your client. Based on our deep expertise and experience, we focus on closing the deal that’s best suited to your client’s goals and success.


NOTE: CDC appreciates all referrals which we believe reflect the support of our colleagues and peers. CDC as a general practice does not pay fees or other compensation for referrals (or for finding or sourcing a loan) arising from this site, whether from a lender, broker, packager or other source unless agreed to in writing in advance and in compliance with SBA policy. We extend our thanks and appreciation to all who refer business to CDC.

    Today’s Rates*

    SBA 504

    2.922 %

    SBA 504

    2.936 %

    SBA 504

    2.775 %

    SBA 504

    2.789 %

    SBA 504

    2.793 %

    Small Business Loan

    5% - 9.25 %

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    For the SBA 504 Rates: Includes fees to CDC, SBA and central servicing agent; based on pricing published by NADCO 11-11-2021. The SBA 504 rates listed above are effective from November 11 - December 8, 2021.

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