21 Ways To Support Small Businesses In 2021 (even w/o money)

January 22, 2021

Finding ways to support small businesses has always been important, but the pandemic has shown it is a mainstay in our economy, and aside from the numbers, these shops, eateries and offices make up the fabric of our communities. 

One of the many challenges facing us due to the coronavirus is the change to our routines, whether visiting the gym, or shopping at a boutique, seeing a movie or going out to dine and drink with friends.

In many cases, those places where we meet are small businesses. And the members of the community who own them need your help.

When you support small businesses, you are fostering a thriving economy and community.

We know we are stronger together, and because of that we encourage you to be a source of support during this unprecedented time. Together, we can truly make a difference to help save small businesses and the jobs they create. 

Fortunately, there are surprisingly simple ways to help and support small businesses. Better yet, most absolutely can be done from home. From ordering takeout or delivery to making small donations to benefit workers, here’s how:



  • Shop locally and online. Watch for shops that remain open, but don’t forget online operations too. Even with stay-at-home orders in place, many of your favorite local spots have an online presence. Those sales will be crucial to help them stay afloat. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide to see some small businesses that are selling items online. Click here.
  • Commit to doing one small thing for a favored small business each week, whether it’s a purchase or a shout-out. Supporting small businesses each week will not only give you peace of mind, but will be helping the owners and the economy.
  • Buy gift cards. You may not use the gift cards right away, but the revenue from these sales is a huge help to the small business at this critical time.  And, it’s a promise that you’ll continue to be a customer later. 
  • Order take-out. Many restaurants are open for curbside pick-up or delivery. Some popular delivery services also have reduced their fees to encourage customers to continue ordering out. For example, check out our food guide for delicious restaurants offering takeout. Click here.
  • Work out with home gym equipment and online classes. If your favorite local gym is shut down – look into buying equipment from online small businesses or support your local gym by purchasing online classes.
  • Tip generously. Tips are even more important right now to support small business workers who might have lost hours as in-house service shut down.
  • Buy merch. Businesses that have lost traditional foot traffic often have tees, caps or other branded items for sale online. Support small businesses by purchasing and wearing their items and even tagging them in a pic.
  • Shop now for later. You can support small businesses by improving their cash flow now. Think about gifts, birthdays, or other purchases that you can buy now and give later.
  • Buy books from online stores. Take a break from getting books from Amazon and look into books from smaller independent stores that sell online.
  • Take up a fun quarantine project. Whether it’s redecorating a room or trying out a new DIY project, support small businesses by buying their supplies and decor and start getting creative!
  • Consider small before the big businesses. When you are doing your normal online shopping, before hitting purchase think about if the items in your cart could be bought from a small business. Always be mindful and take that extra second to see if you could be supporting small businesses. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for ideas



  • Share their posts on social media. Watch for updates and inspiring posts from a business. Small business owners are getting creative with unique ways to serve you so keep in touch via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. And share – it’s good exposure for them.
  • Write a review. Now more than ever, a review about customer service or awesome products will make a difference.  Help them show up online as a 5 star business to help them attract new customers.  
  • Tell a family member or friend about a small business you love. Use word of mouth to support your favorite small businesses. Your family members or friends will likely trust and remember them more if it is shared personally.
  • Sign-up for newsletters. Showing support for your favorite small businesses newsletter helps them know you are a fan. It also can notify you of any virtual events or special promotions.
  • Comment something nice. One easy way to support small businesses is simply commenting on their post. It can be words of encouragement, a reply to their product, or even a nice hello.
  • Tag a friend. Many small businesses are offering up special promotions on posts in order to gain more customers. When you see these kinds of posts – tag a friend, you never know who may be in the shopping mood.
  • Post a pic and give a shout out. You can support small businesses by sharing a photo of their shop and tagging them. And if you do decide to purchase something – share a quick pic. The more they get their name out there, the better.
  • Check-in with small business owners and employees. If you are picking up food, ordering online, or browsing their social media, make sure to check in and ask how they are doing. No better way to support small businesses than verbally checking in.
  • Show your appreciation. Tell them thank you. You can easily show genuine support by sharing your gratitude and thanking them for trying their best during hard times.


Let’s join together and be there for small businesses. Our communities would not be the same without them. With our continued support, business owners will be able to hold on until we make it through this current challenge.

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