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Community Advantage Loan

Community Advantage is an excellent choice when you have clients who want a loan between $20,000 and $250,000, but are just not up to bank standards. Perhaps it’s due to collateral available, low cash flow, credit history slips, debt leverage ratio that’s too high or a combination of these.  Community Advantage loans enable you to keep your depository relationships and still meet your clients’ needs. CDC is not a depository institution.

The loan can be used to start or expand a business. The SBA guarantees a portion of each loan.  Your clients must show their ability to repay the full loan amount and meet other guidelines to be eligible for a Community Advantage loan.

We can make Community Advantage loans throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.

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Terms and Conditions:

• Maximum Loan Amount: $250,000
• Terms: 7-10 years for working capital, inventory, business acquisitions, tenant improvements, and start-up expenses
• Terms: 25 years for real estate
• Interest Rate: Prime + (2.75% to 6%), variable
• No pre-payment penalties


• Credit: Must have a reasonable personal credit score and an acceptable explanation for any derogatory marks for principal borrowers.
• Capital Injection: Borrowers must inject 30% of total project costs for start-up businesses, 20% for business acquisition financing.
• Collateral: Borrowers are required to pledge available collateral. Insufficient collateral will not preclude borrower from obtaining financing.
• Secondary sources of repayment:
– Historical business cash flow sufficient to service requested debt
– Cash flow ability based on reasonable projections
– Collateral equal or close to the loan amount
– Outside income source
– Co-signer with reasonable credit and income to repay the loan
• Start-up businesses: Borrowers must inject 30% of total project costs and provide a business plan and financial projections for business.
• Experience: Business owners must have at least 2 years of experience in the industry and show historical earnings sufficient to cover personal living expenses.

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