Refinance Commercial Mortgage Debt

Now your clients can consolidate and refinance debt using the SBA 504 program.

Current Refi Rate is 4.58%

For 20-year term. Includes fees to CDC, SBA and central servicing agent; based on pricing published by NADCO 5-11-17


lender benefits:

Boost the bank's loan production
Minimize risk - banks can limit their exposure to 50% of total 504 loan
Generate new fee income coupled with a quality portfolio loan
Free up your client's trapped capital
Combined LTV (1st & 2nd) up to 90%
20-year, below-market, fixed interest rate for the 504 loan

eligibility guidelines:

Can refinance one or more commercial loans
Maximum refinance LTV - 90% of the value of collateral pledged for existing mortgage or secured debt(s). Cross collateralization of other fixed assets is allowed to get to 90%
Maximum refinance LTV - 85% of the value of collateral pledged when mortgage refinance request also includes "Eligible Business Expenses". The aggregate amount of eligible expenses cannot exceed 25% LTV
The loan to be refinanced must be at least 24 months old and in good standing for the last 12 months
Business must be operating for 2 or more years
Appraisal is not required to submit refinance application, but will be a condition of funding
Business must be at 51% occupancy at the time of application submission
A CDC can only participate in refinance requests up to 50% of the SBA 504 dollars lent in the prior fiscal year.This will not affect partners like CDC Small Business Finance based on our high loan volume

Offer SBA Refi to your clients in partnership with the #1 SBA Lender in the nation, CDC Small Business Finance



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