Before you get an online business loan, ask yourself, do I really need the money this quickly?

Small Business Loans
January 15, 2019

When it comes to getting a business loan through an online-only lender, expect to get the funds in seemingly lightning speed — sometimes within a few days.

Here’s the catch: That convenience and speed can come at a steep price. Some small business borrowers have paid as much as 150% APR, or annual percentage rate. Before signing those loan documents, ask yourself: Do I really need this financing so quickly?

If you have a non-urgent business need, then it may make more sense to work with a traditional or nonprofit community lender. Through them, you’ll wait a bit longer but expect to pay anywhere between 5% to 18% APR. Much better, right?

How do online-only firms justify charging higher interest rates? Their vetting process is not as stringent, which means they face a higher chance their borrowers may not repay their loans. To make up for this risk, they tend to charge higher rates.

Are you looking into the pros and cons of online-only loans? Our simple, skimmable guide will walk you through the key questions to ask before making a decision on the best financing for you and your needs.

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