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Buying vs Leasing a Building – Comparison

Is buying or leasing a commercial building the right decision for you and your business? 

That’s something many small business owners often find themselves asking. To land on the right answer, check in with yourself on a few important matters first.

Your Business Needs Now and Later

  • Length of occupancy. How many years do I expect to occupy my commercial building?
  • Building look and geography. Do I need the building to look a specific way or be in a certain area?
  • Mounting uncertainty. How do I feel knowing there’s a chance my landlord won’t renew my lease? Or that my landlord could up my rent? How much of a disruption would be this cause?

Your Business’ Financial Situation and Future

  • Taking control now. Do you find yourself wondering why you’re paying someone else rent instead of investing in your own asset?
  • Affordability review. Do I have enough liquidity for the down payment (it’s just 10% with an SBA 504 real estate loan) and closing costs without stressing my day-to-day operations?
  • Retirement outlook. How do I feel about adding commercial real estate to my personal financial portfolio as part of my retirement plan?


Top questions to ask if you’re considering purchasing commercial property

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After doing this exercise — if you find yourself closer to saying ‘yes’ to buying a building — let’s talk! 

CDC Small Business Finance, a leading community lender and nonprofit, offers SBA 504 real estate loans — fixed-rate, affordable financing that requires only 10 percent down. With this type of financing, you can enjoy stable monthly payments and the chance to build equity in your own investment.

Contact one of our experienced SBA 504 loan experts today.


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