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NuYo – Chula Vista, California

NuYo managing members Kimberly and Matthew Guyton on their working capital loan…

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Kimberly Guyton: I have worked at this location for, it’ll be five years, March 16th, and it’s been a dream for me I think since Day One to own my own yogurt shop.

Matthew Guyton: We started dating and so I was coming here to see her and tasting the wonderful yogurt. NuYo stands for nutritious yogurt because of all of the probiotics in it and a lot of the flavors are non-fat so you can come in and get your your sweets fix as well as have a healthy treat.

Kimberly: When the opportunity came up for us to purchase the location it was, “Oh, is this going to happen?!”

Matthew: I had some savings but it was nowhere near the sales price, and so, I mean, I think I figured it’s a long shot, you know getting a loan is sometimes difficult and would we be able to? I
wasn’t sure we were; we both decided that it was worth giving it a try.

Kimberly: We were referred to CDC through a bank that we had tried to get a loan through and they said, “Oh, we don’t do that type of loan; you should try this place.” All the people that we worked with at CDC — whether it was over the phone, through email — they’re all great. They’re very relatable. They understand, you know, the ups and downs of things and really help you throughout the process the whole way.

Matthew: I would recommend CDC to anyone looking for small business loan.

Kimberly: We were so grateful when we found out we were going to get the Community Advantage loan. I think the future for us is open and that’s the beauty of it is this is our foundation that we’ve started. Our foots in that door in the business world to one day have that you know possibility of opening another location would be great, and who knows, maybe that’s something that CDC would help us with then, too.

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