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March 26, 2021

Welcome to our brand new website! We are very excited to provide a digital experience that is easy to navigate and designed to meet the needs of all of our web visitors.

Our new site includes several interactive features that will make learning about us, our loan products and services easy for partners, new clients and current borrowers alike. We can’t wait for you to explore and start enjoying it as much as we do!

We invite you to click everywhere to see all our new tools and to find the information that is relevant to you.  Here’s a guide to a few of our most useful and relevant features.


All Things Lending

Click on Loans in the main navigation to access pages dedicated to our SBA 504 commercial real estate and Small Business loans.  Each page has new features that allow you to apply with ease while getting answers to your most asked questions. You’ll also find program details along with success stories, videos, and more.

Check out our page dedicated to everything SBA 504!
Check out our page dedicated to everything SBA 504!
We’ve got you covered on mobile.
We’ve got you covered on mobile.

SBA 504: All the details

Visit our Commercial Real Estate page for all things 504. Here you will find the SBA 504 loan program details along with Today’s Rates, Buy vs. Lease, eligibility, success stories, borrower videos, FAQ’s and more.


Learn about our Small Business Loans

Our Small Business Loans page is designed for those looking for a working capital loan anywhere from $20k to $250k. Here you will find how you can use the financing, a business loan calculator that can give you an estimate of your monthly costs, steps needed to get a loan, borrower videos and more.


Get to know our Loan Experts

Our Loan Experts page is one that we know everyone will be excited to visit.  Our loan experts have deep expertise in our offerings and are always available to help. The new page gives you a seamless connection to our experts.  Click Learn More on any of their cards to visit their personal page where you can learn all about their specialty and experience in one place.


Information at Your Finger Tips

We value your time and our new website is designed to help you access important information quickly and with ease. Take a look at some of our most informative features:

Access the current rate any time.  For SBA 504 rates just click the drop down to select the term and it will populate the corresponding rate.
Access the current rate any time. For SBA 504 rates just click the drop down to select the term and it will populate the corresponding rate.
We’ve built a wizard to help you get to the information you need quickly and easily.
We’ve built a wizard to help you get to the information you need quickly and easily.

Today’s Rates

Our Today’s Rates feature is on several pages on the site.  You can always find it on the homepage. For SBA 504 rates, use the drop-down to view the current rates for any given term. The small business loan rate section will help you stay informed on the most recent rate range of our working capital loan products.


Navigation Wizard

Are you on our site and ready to quickly find the information you are looking for?  Our Navigation Wizard is located at the top of our homepage. If you are an entrepreneur, referral partner or current borrower, this tool is ready for you. Just tell it who you are and what you need and it will help you Go to that page.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered all the questions we get from our borrowers to compile a comprehensive FAQ section to help you get the answers you need.  Whether you are looking for an SBA 504 loan or a small business loan, we have answers. Once on the FAQ page, just select the SBA 504 or Small Business Loan box at the top and the relevant FAQs will quickly appear.

FAQ page on new website

Get your questions answered with our FAQs


Business Loan Calculator

Our business loan calculator tool is solely for business owners looking for a working capital loan. We know that you want to know what your monthly payment would be so you can make sure it fits with your cash flow and business plan.  Enter a few key details in our business loan calculator to get an estimate of your monthly loan payments. Knowing this information can help you have a better understanding of what to expect as you plan for your business.


Current Borrower Portal

As always, we are here to support the success of our current borrowers. So, of course, we have a portal dedicated to our very own small business borrowers. Our current borrower portal offers up an easy way to get information and details about several tasks from requesting documents to changing your contact information to submitting your financials. You’ll also see our amazing servicing team featured on this page.  They are dedicated to helping you with your needs over the entire lifetime of your loan.


Our Impact

As a nonprofit with a passion for making a difference for small businesses we have helped over 12,000 business owners get access to financing to help them grow and succeed. We are committed to making an impact for small businesses through our lending, advocacy and advising. We are proud to showcase how we make a difference for small business owners and their communities throughout our new site. See some of our favorite pages that highlight our impact below.

See our individual borrower success stories with a click
See our individual borrower success stories with a click
Visit our success stories page and choose who you want to learn about
Visit our success stories page and choose who you want to learn about

Success Stories

We can talk all day long about our borrowers.  They are, in one word, amazing!  They inspire us every day and we want to make sure their stories are told.  They are dedicated, passionate and hard working.  Our financing is one of many things that help them turn their dreams into reality.

Visit our Success Stories page to hear from a beauty salon owner, a high-end water faucet manufacturer, a sushi restauranteur and more.  Take the time to learn about their stories so you can be inspired to support the small business community.

When you visit this page you will be able to see a visual tapestry of first-hand experiences from our borrowers captured on video or in our blog. Learn about their personal story and how CDC Small Business Finance has helped each of their individual businesses from their point of view.


See our impact in a click

Curious about our SBA 504 lending throughout California?  SBA Community Advantage lending in San Diego county? All the data is now at your fingertips with our new interactive map. 

Just visit our Impact page and scroll down to find the map.  Just below you will find simple instructions on how to use it. Our map showcases a wide variety of data about our lending over the last five years. You can view our impact by number of loans or dollar amount. The information can also be sorted by zip code, county and state. Check it out and see how we have helped in your area!

interactive impact map

Our interactive impact map


Year In Review

Visit our Year In Review page to see our annual impact report.  On the page you will see our most recent report. You can also click a drop-down on the top right to see our impact from previous years. Our Year In Review features how we have made a difference as the nation’s leading mission-based lender.  View our dollars approved for small businesses, financing for entrepreneurs of underserved communities, jobs created and preserved, video success stories, advocacy and more.


Get to Know Us

Since we’ve opened doors in 1978, our purpose has been advocating for small business owners by providing access to affordable and responsible capital. It is truly a team effort that allows this organization to ensure all small business owners have the opportunity to succeed and grow.

There are several opportunities on our new site to get to know us on a more personal level and see the real people who work hard behind the scenes every day.

our story page new website


Here are some of the best pages to visit to get to know us:


Our Story

Our Story allows you to learn more about our mission and values that serve as the heart of our thriving culture and passion for making a difference.


Join us

Visit our Careers page to see videos of our culture in action as well as the most recent job opportunities.



Stay up to date on the latest industry news, success stories, small business tips and more by visiting our Blog.  Don’t want to miss a story?  Subscribe to our blog to get an email once a week with links to our most recent stories.


Bonus: Be on the lookout for our interactive video carousel throughout our site. It includes tips from our small business owners, success stories, and more.


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