Introducing BizTipSixty Video Series: Business tips from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs in 60 seconds flat

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February 15, 2019

How often do we see entrepreneurship articles with vague or impractical tips from people with zero or little business experience? Probably too often.

Why not get top-grade tips on how to run a successful enterprise directly from those who walk the walk and talk the talk daily? Yep, from small business owners. That was the inspiration for our new video series, BizTipSixty, whose stars are our very own small business borrowers.

The above video features Sinuhe Montoya, founder of DroneQuote, a thriving drone-tech service based out of San Diego. In his 60-second video, the Army veteran covers the importance of:

  • Narrowing down your business idea to a specific niche and
  • Getting your business goals down on paper.

For more on DroneQuote, read: How a Military Vet Used Drone Technology to Launch New Niche Business with SBA Loan

Or for more on our BizTipSixty series, visit this YouTube link. And be sure to visit our general YouTube channel.

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