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One job... One small business... One community at a time


  • Kurt Chilcott – President & CEO

    Kurt Chilcott

    CDC Small Business Finance
    President & CEO… Read More

  • Mike Owen

    Mike Owen

    Chief Credit Officer
    Director of Business Development… Read More

  • Kim Buttemer

    Kim Buttemer

    Chief Operating Officer
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  • Robert Villarreal

    Robert Villarreal

    Senior Vice President
    of Community Development… Read More

  • Catherine Riddle

    Catherine Riddle

    Chief Financial Officer
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  • Allison Kelly

    Allison Kelly

    Senior Vice President
    Strategy & Innovation… Read More

  • Penina Goodman

    Penina Goodman

    Senior Vice President of
    Brand Marketing … Read More

  • Erin Hebert

    Erin Hebert

    Senior Vice President of
    Administration & HR … Read More