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How to Turn Your Brilliant Idea Into a Business

April 2, 2019 | Small Business Loans
test business idea, How to Turn Your Brilliant Idea Into a Business, CDC Small Business

This blog post on how to turn a great concept into a business originally published on Venturize, a blog powered by our content partner Small Business Majority, a national organization that advocates for small business owners. Post was written by Julia Jamieson.

Once you’ve figured out that your business idea has legs and makes financial sense, the next step is to try it out.

Many entrepreneurs like to dream big as they’re first launching a business. They picture their business with their own office, retail location and staff. Dreaming big is great, but starting small gives you the opportunity to test out your business ideas and perfect them before investing too heavily.

How can I test out my business idea?

test business idea, How to Turn Your Brilliant Idea Into a Business, CDC Small Business

Trying to test out a business idea? You can start at a coworking space.

You can start small and test your business idea by:

How do I test a food business idea?

You can find ways to start small even if your business doesn’t involve working at a desk — even food-based businesses can do it. Many states allow you to make and sell foods that don’t require refrigeration from your home.

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Check with your state to see what rules are required to make it work. You can also think about starting with a food truck or by catering events. If your state or your product requires a commercial kitchen, look for a kitchen incubator, a restaurant partner or a community kitchen that you can use before building out your own space.

How do I prove a retail business idea?

test business idea, How to Turn Your Brilliant Idea Into a Business, CDC Small Business

Do you make a food product? Test it out at the local farmers’ market.

Thinking of starting a retail business? Starting small can work for you, too. With online sales growing everyday, it’s easy to find ways to grow your brand before investing in an expensive lease.

You can try selling on a platform like Etsy or Fulfillment By Amazon or at local fairs and farmers markets, which allows you to build brand awareness and get immediate feedback on your product. You can also consider pop-up retail to avoid the start-up costs of a physical location.

While your expenses are low, you can test out your idea and do some market research.

Consider the following questions:

I’ve turned my idea into a business — now what?

test business idea, How to Turn Your Brilliant Idea Into a Business, CDC Small Business

A business plan is an integral part of your application if you’re trying to qualify for a small business loan.

Starting small allows you to add or change products with relative ease and get immediate feedback.

Once you’ve earned your first few customers and have perfected your product, go back and review that business plan. You might just be ready to take the next step by securing financing, leasing a retail space or hiring employees.

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Need help? You always have access to local, often free resources to get your business off the ground.

For more on helpful articles on small business, visit Venturize’s website.

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